A "mark" should be simple, strong, recognizable, and timeless, as it conveys the essence of your organization. Think about it... the most important and identifiable mark ever created is the Cross of Christ. A mark is the Genesis of all vehicles expressing the identity of your organization to the world. Ministry Mark can assist in conveying your identity, mission, and message to the world. 


Once you have defined your identity, the next step is applying that mark to any number of vehicles in a cohesive manner that connects with your audience. From print, to imagery, and into the world of digital media, Ministry Mark can provide the continuity needed to keep your message clear and on target with your missional focus. 


Even in this day and age of all things digital, there remains a substantial connection to the tactile nature of the printed piece. At Ministry Mark we can assist in the design and production of an array of printed materials.

Church websites are the most common entry point for first-time guests. At Ministry Mark, we can provide the the layout, design, and production assistance so that your new website will meet all the needs of those you already know, and those you are trying to reach.

Many churches, conferences, concerts, and gatherings are using digital image projection as a integral part of their events. Too often the equipment is in place but that white background with black sans serif type simply does not convey the message.